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R&D Projects


    The TetraFood project intends to bring into market marine microalgae-based functional foods and food supplements for the prevention of chronic diseases

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    The ALGAE4A-B project seeks to exploit the microalgae diversity, as a source for state-of-the art high-added-value biomolecules in aquaculture and cosmetics.

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  • AlgaeCom

    The AlgaeCom project seeks to exploit the convergence of science, technology, and biotechnological tools for the creation of new knowledge and innovative applications

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  • Miracles

    MIRACLES is an industry-driven R&D and innovation project aimed at developing integrated, multiple-product biorefinery technologies for the production of specialties from microalgae for application in food, aquaculture and non-food products.

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    Study on biotechnologies with marine microalgae for diverse agro-food applications

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R&D Projects: DEGRANOS

DEGRANOS is an Innterconecta CDTI project.

The project is about technological development for the revaluation of byproducts from the industry of cereals and pulses.


The general objectives of the project are the development of new food ingredients from by-products of the industry of grain, with functional properties that are of interest in the formulation of foods and their applications in the food industry.


Various functional properties are sought. Among the properties found in ingredients already developed in the project we can mention from texturizing, thickening, gelling and binding properties and also coating, nutritional, etc., in all cases in new natural ingredients with no chemical treatment.


The partners of the project are:
Fitoplancton Marino
Productos Majuelo
Bialimentación de andalucia
Grupo Siro
La Aurora