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  • Microalgae strains

  • Starter cultures

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Fitoplancton Marino’s success in the aquaculture sector is related to the excellent results our customers obtain in live feed cultures, as well as the different feeding and enriching processes in larval cultures of the different species of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

The presence of aquaculture companies in Hisparroz Group helps us to effectively develop and optimise all the products that are later used in our own and our customer’s hatcheries.

easyalgaeWith our easy algae® brand we provide safe, easy-to-use products that allows high performance and survival rates. Some examples are the high densities of rotifer cultures, characterised by clean cultures, or the excellent results obtained when these products are used in “green water” technique.

Excellent results in “green water” technique"
High densities of rotifer cultures
Safe and easy-to-use products